Edwin W.  Smith

Coach Win

This teacherdrivenpd.com website is all about you, the dedicated teacher/educator! School districts generally make ample professional learning opportunities available during the school year (though we won’t comment on the quality of those PD training sessions), and there are numerous free and low-cost learning opportunities available online these days that teachers can readily take advantage of to acquire new skills or to enhance existing skill sets. However, what we believe is largely being overlooked if not ignored is the personal growth or development of classroom teachers. That is why I started this teacher-centric website.


My name is Edwin Smith, known as Coach Win by some of my clients. I enjoyed a 20-year career as a certified rehabilitation counselor, career counselor, disability management specialist, and vocational expert witness where I provided testimony on employability and earning capacity issues in numerous personal injury and dissolution of marriage cases.


Thereafter, I enjoyed a second successful career as an IT Project Manager in the Research & Education space serving K-20 education and I’ve participated in numerous K-12 technology-related and professional development committees for more than 20 years.


As a side note, I’m a proud U.S. Army veteran with tours of duty in South Vietnam and West Germany, and I also currently serve on AARP California’s “Veterans, Military & Their Families Advisory Committee”.


Please enjoy the free resources and the few paid resources I use to help support this website.